Trading altcoins in BTC or USDT – which is better? -


In one corner of the ring we can find USDT, defending stable coins, and in the opposite one BTC, for unstable coins. Overall, only 12% of Cryptohopper users use stable coins as their base coins, but that shouldn't shape your decision.When the market is going up so is BTC, when it reverses the value of BTC and all cryptocurrencies goes down. If you are trading alts in BTC their value moves only in direction of BTC. If you are trading alts in USDT their value moves in direction to BTC, plus BTC’s move is added to the price.3 Answers. Chris Elder. , Media Engineer (2011-present) Answered February 6, 2021. Bitcoin= 1.0 Digital Gold or store of value. Ethereum= 2.0 provides value via smart contracts and ERC20 tokens…many other cryptos are built on their blockchain. USDT Tether = Stablecoin attempt to follow the s dollar value.the coin used only matters depending on the coin you are trying to buy outside of the three…other coins typically provide certain pairs.Bitcoin is the king coin and is the most accepted cryptocurrency in the world and USDT is a coin backed up by US Dollars. This is why they are both readily accepted on cryptocurrency exchanges. I personally prefer to trade with USDT because it does not change value (very much). Bitcoin is a volatile asset and I don’t like buying a volatile asset w Trading usdt vs btc.

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  2. Trading altcoins in BTC or USDT – which is better? -
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  4. Trading altcoins in BTC or USDT – which is better? -

BITCOIN - BTC/USDT is part of a very strong bullish trend. Traders may consider trading only long positions (at the time of… BITCOIN - BTC/USDT - 15 min trading usdt vs btc. Trading usdt vs btc.